Pithlachascotee River, New Port Richey

Pithlachascotee RiverAlso known as the Cotee (coat-ee) River, this is a very slow-moving, winding, blackwater river which originates near Crews Lake in Spring Hill. It courses through New Port Richey and after 23 miles, empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Miller’s Bayou. The name translates to “Boat Building River” and signifies the place where cypress tree canoes were chopped or dug out by the Seminoles. Mullet can often be seen jumping out of the water and slider turtles line many of the fallen trees.

Tide chart

Places to put in:

Frances Park – A little park currently undergoing renovations. The bathrooms are portajohns as of April 2018. This is where civilization starts as you go down the river.
James E. Grey Preserve – Be careful if going upriver from the dock… there are several places where fallen trees are pretty close to the surface.


Yellow-bellied slider turtle, red-eared slider turtle, mullet fish, bass fish.