Everglades – East River or Everglades City

I posted in the Florida Kayaker Forum on Facebook, because I was worried about air boats being in the area. Here’s a response I got, on where to go in the Everglades:

Ruth Fletcher East River is a beautiful kayak trail. You can also put in down in Everglades City and kayak out that way.

This made me look into the Everglades. There are a bunch of chickees – platforms with bathrooms. People camp on them! I wonder if you could use a double hammock.

Everglades chickees. north of Flamingo Visitors Center

Up the Cotee River

We put in at Waterfront Park in New Port Richey. There’s a dock on the south side of the park, but we chose to launch off a little opening on the west side.

Long and thin? Or short and fat?

Whenever you’re in doubt about a theory, just make an example to the extreme, and you will have your answer. Imaging paddling a kayak 5 feet wide and 8 feet long. Then you get in one 2 feet wide and 10 feet long. You are plowing less water (you are creating less bow wake) and the narrower boat cuts through the water resistance with less energy.

Now if the person weighs 200 lbs. and you make the 2′ Wide x 10′ long boat a little longer, the boat sinks less deep in the water and will take less energy to propel it. The ratio of less resistance outweighs the increased surface friction. There will be a point when the surface friction resistance will gradually outweigh the gain that the increased flotation will deliver and then that is it, unless you start rounding the bottom more and on and on. Then you sacrifice stability for less surface and gain speed again.

Hello world!

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